Estate Planning and Probate

Ms. Ostfeld has an active probate practice. In addition to probating decedents’ estates and representing heirs and legatees, she has received over 200 court appointments from fifteen different probate judges to represent minors and disabled persons.

Where this work involves decedent’s estates, she has worked with executors to collect and preserve assets, sell real estate when necessary, and distribute estate assets according to the terms of the will or laws of the State of Illinois. When assets have been found in France, Ms Ostfeld has worked with her colleagues and French notaires to obtain the assets, as efficiently and economically as possible.

Ms Ostfeld has engaged in contested litigation to represent respondents in guardianship proceedings as well as estate administrators and heirs/legatees in decedents’ estates. The issues have concerned Will construction, real estate partitions, rights of beneficiaries of decedents’ estates, and claims.

Lynne Ostfeld with judges at
Annual Nordic Law Probate Night (2022)

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